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Blog Tour; Adventures About to Begin by Allen Therisa

Hi All!

Today I am here with an interview with Allen Therisa as part of the Adventures About to Begin blog tour!

But first, here’s some information about the book.

Title: Adventures About to Begin
Author: Allen Therisa
Publisher: The Book Guild
Published: 28th March 2023
Blurb: After the death of his grandfather, Noah’s life is thrown into chaos as he faces a repressed past which threatens everything he believes to be true. In the course of trying to come to terms with his loss, Noah must also navigate a difficult relationship with his sister, Kelly, as they reflect on their turbulent childhood – when they were taken from London to live in the Kent countryside following the breakdown of their parents’ marriage.

Set between the 1970s and the more recent past, Adventures About To Begin chronicles a collapsing marriage as experienced by its children and reflects on how memory shapes our decisions at crucial junctures during our lives. It is both funny and touching, as well as a sensitive insight into British family life during a period of great social and cultural change.

author interview

What is your favourite thing about writing books?
Creating little universes (within universes) is very rewarding, partly because you never really know how they will turn out or how they relate to each other when you’re writing them. That sense of these time periods and scenes coming together as they are written is very exciting. I like to write about contrasting time periods and situations and the differences between them. Finding that these come together as you’re banging away at the keyboard is as rewarding as it is surprising.

Who is your favourite character in your book and why?
Kelly. The two main protagonists in the book, bother and sister Noah and Kelly, are competitive a lot of the time and Noah assumes he’s the smarter of the two. Whether he is or not is up to the reader. Ultimately, though I would say that even though Kelly is less forthright than her brother, she’s the more intelligent and perceptive of the two. 

I have a lot of affection for Noah. He’s a cool kid instinctively trying to do the right thing and understand the world around him as it turns upside down (something he continues to do throughout the book), but Kelly is usually one step ahead.

Not that she gets the credit she deserves. Go figure as to why that should be.

What is your favourite drink to consume while writing?
Coffee. Lots of coffee. All kinds of coffee, but lots of it. I’m not a big alcohol drinker (it puts me to sleep), but I could drink coffee morning to night. My better half is always nagging me to get off the coffee, or at least to dial it down. 

But what does he know about coffee, he’s only Italian after all.

Do you have any bad habits while you’re writing?
I never understand writers who talk about writing as being a wonderful experience. For me, it’s a battle, most of the time, anyway.

I write early in the day and drink a lot of coffee (have I mentioned that I drink a lot of coffee?). Writing is like going to the gym in my experience. You need the energy to get through it, to focus and you need a good run-up. You also need to be comfortable going back and rewriting (which can turn into a never-ending process in itself, unfortunately).

Without that discipline, like a lot of writers I can easily fall down the rabbit hole of the internet!

How did you research your book?
I’m a big fan of Edgar Allan Poe’s poem A Dream Within a Dream and its toying with the cyclical nature of life, death, loss, grief, and reconciliation. This idea, of experience, perception and their effects over time is really at the heart of the novel.

As I started writing the novel, I spent time with members of the family, as well as reading through letters between my mother and father from when their marriage was falling apart and also trawled through mementoes from that period (postcards, birthday cards, photographs, etc.).

This was actually how the central idea for the book came together, as I realised that how I remembered the events in question were recalled completely differently by other family members who were also part of them. 

Huh? How could that be?

So, what happens in Adventures About To Begin is dependent on who experiences or recalls what happened and why. The truth is in there somewhere, but what is the reliability of that, as opposed to what some of the players want it to be?

I’ll let the readers figure that one out.

Are you working on anything else at the moment?
Adventures About To Begin is the first of a trilogy covering different parallel time periods in the lives of the novel’s protagonists.

I’m currently working on the second part of the trilogy, which covers the 1980s and the 2010s. This second book includes plot twists which are teased in the first book, as well as the ongoing adventures of the family moving out of the 1970s.

about the author

Aside from writing fiction, Allen Therisa also writes for blogs on everything from popular culture to politics, outside of his working life in the world of digital marketing. Adventures About To Begin is his debut novel. Allen is currently based in London.

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